Dubai, the city of glittering skyscrapers, apart from being a tourist hotspot is also a top business destination. In fact, the Dubai airport is one of the busiest in the world. There are many who visit Dubai on short business trips.

The 96 hour transit visa suits them the best. It’s the most convenient visa to have for those who need to visit Dubai frequently for short periods. In this article, we tell you how to get a 96 hour Dubai transit visa.


Please note, the 96 hour transit visa is valid for 30 days from the date of its issue. Also, with this visa, you’ll be able to stay in Dubai for 96 hours counted from the time you enter the city.

The table we’ve shared below gives you details of the visa fee break-up.

People visiting from certain countries have to pay a certain security deposit which is refundable. The deposit is refunded to the client as soon as it’s recorded in the systems that the person has made his exit from Dubai. An amount which is equivalent to USD 272.50 with taxes added is refunded to the client.

Here are the visa fees below given in USD.

Visa Fees without Deposit

Visa Type

Visa Fee

Service Fee


Incidental Charges


96 hour transit visa






Express 96 hour visa






Visa Fees with Deposit

Visa Type

Visa Fee

Security Deposit

Service Fee


Incidental Charges


96 hour transit visa







Express 96 hour visa







  • At the time of application, the visa category is automatically selected by the system based on your itinerary
  • Then the system automatically calculates the visa fee after checking the visa category and the country the applicant is from

Please note that-

  • The itinerary of the visitor decides the visa category
  • For each visa, the cancellation charge is Rs. 2280/-
  • After the visa fee is paid, it can’t be refunded under any circumstances whatsoever

The applicant’s country of residence decides what supporting documents he has to furnish. The required mandatory documents are-

  • The Passport Bio Data Page: A coloured copy of the pages in the passport bearing the photo and other personal details.
  • Passport Last Page: The passports of certain countries like India carry important information on the last page. In such instances, a coloured copy of the last page will be required too.
  • Photograph: The application should have a clear colour photograph of the applicant which shouldn’t be cropped from the photo in the passport.
  • Residence Proof: This is needed only when the applicant’s present country of residence is different from his permanent country of residence. In such cases, a residency visa has to be submitted in the passport.
  • Extra Documents for Applicants from High Risk Countries: For applicants from countries identified as ‘high risk’, along with the mandatory documents, the client has to submit either of the following-
  • A valid visa or any evidence showing travel to any of the following countries within the last 5 years.
    1. UAE
    2. UK
    3. USA
    4. Schengen Countries
    5. Australia
    6. New Zealand
    7. Canada


  • Any document which proves that the client has investments worth USD 8000 or more, or any local income tax papers which prove that the client has an annual income of USD 8000 or more.

As a non-mandatory document, the client has to furnish with their passport an observation page (if any) or the child endorsed page (if any) in addition to the documents mentioned above.

To strengthen their case, the client is free to submit any document he feels suitable.

The time needed to process a visa is usually 3-4 working days*.

(This happens provided the immigration is approved and the application submitted is complete. Please note that the actual time taken may be longer than what’s mentioned here as the mentioned times are only indicative. Holidays and closures should be left out while calculating the working days).

Some applicants may have their visas or express visas processed on a priority basis with the visa status communicated in just 48 hours with only working days being counted again.


What is the UAE eVisa?

It’s an electronic visa issued online with the client not having to take the trouble of visiting the embassy.

How can one apply for a Dubai visa?

You just have to apply online, share your documents and then you receive the visa.

What are the advantages of applying for the eVisa?

The processing in just 3-4 working days is swift subject to qualification. It’s also cost effective and convenient. You won’t need to book a hotel and you may stay at a place of your choice. It can be procured from any place in the world.

Can the Dubai visa be extended?

No, it can’t be extended and you must leave Dubai before the visa expires.

Is the Dubai visa fee refundable?

No, it isn’t, even in instances when the visa application is rejected.

What should be the passport validity?

It should be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the traveling date.

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