Information on all UAE visa categories, including details on the Dubai visa

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most appealing and dependable Arab countries, having grown significantly in recent years. The UAE’s current position as a key commercial and business center around the world is the result of decades of dedication and hard work, as well as a willingness to embrace new technologies. The UAE is primarily populated by expatriates. One could easily argue that the country was founded by its ex-pat population, which represents over 200 countries from around the world.

UAE visa categories

To attract ex-pats who will help shape the country’s future and society, the UAE government has implemented a variety of visas. Let us now look at the UAE visa categories  which are as follows:

Visa for Business

Foreign nationals with a business visa can apply for a long-term visa for themselves and their families. Its mission is to create business-friendly environments that will help the UAE’s economy thrive.

Eligibility Requirements

Individuals with entrepreneurial skills from any country can apply for a business visa. A qualified entrepreneur is someone who has owned a business at some point in their life and plans to do so again in the UAE.

You must do the following to find business candidates.

• Be prepared to back up your entrepreneurial abilities.
• A majority stakeholder in a start-up or a top executive in one should be prepared to relocate to the UAE and establish a legal entity in one of the seven emirates.
• Do you have a business idea or strategy that you’d like to see implemented in the UAE?

Applicants must also meet the criteria established by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security, which includes a background check and a health evaluation.

To apply for a business visa, you must first have your nomination accepted by an incubator sponsored by the UAE government (currently, AREA2071 in Dubai and HUB71 in Abu Dhabi). After your nomination is accepted, you will be asked to apply for a visa through the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security.

If your nomination is approved, you will be sent a link to complete your visa application by uploading the required documents.

If your nomination is denied, you have 90 days to reapply.

The Benefits of a Business Visa

Following the issuance of the visa, the applicant may:

• Enter the country on a multiple-entry visa for six months to make the process of establishing a business easier.
• Nominate up to three senior employees from his company for residence.
Visa for Remote Work

The UAE cabinet approved a new Remote Work Visa plan that will allow employees from around the world to work remotely to attract talents and skills from around the world. The one-year visa allows foreigners to visit the UAE on their initiative and work within the terms and limitations of the visa.

The significant move, the country’s first of its kind, enables entrepreneurs and professionals to grow in the UAE’s favorable investment business climate, close to all necessary facilities. The Dubai remote working visa entitles you to multiple visits to the UAE. This Visa type allows you to stay outside the UAE for a maximum of six months. If you want to stay in the UAE for more than a year, you must reapply.

The following are the requirements for applying for a remote working visa in Dubai:

All candidates for the remote work program must provide the following information:

A valid passport for at least six months of UAE health insurance.

You will also be required to provide proof of employment, though the documentation required will vary depending on your position. If you work for a company, you must provide the following proof of employment to obtain your visa:

• A one-year employment contract is required.
• Documents proving your ability to meet the financial requirement, such as:
• A minimum starting salaUSD 5,00000 USD is required.
• A copy of your last month’s pay stub
• Three-worth month’s of bank statements

Visa for Tourists

Tourist visas are available to visitors who do not qualify for visa-on-arrival or visa-free entry into the UAE. Individual travelers from all over the world are welcome to apply for a tourist visa. Females under the age of 18 are not eligible to apply for this type of visa unless they are traveling with their parents.

According to a Cabinet decision signed in July 2018, children under the age of 18 who are accompanied by adults can obtain a free visa for their stay from July 15 to September 15 each year.

If you buy your ticket through them and keep your hotel reservation with them, licensed tour operators and hotels in the UAE can assist you in obtaining a tourist visa. It’s critical to double-check the legitimacy of any travel agencies you work with and to avoid paying or submitting copies of your official certificate attestation until you’re confident the tour operator is legitimate.

The validity period of a tourist visa

Depending on your plans, tourist visas to the UAE can be issued for 30 days or 90 days, with a single entry or multiple admissions. The UAE has introduced a five-year visa that allows visitors to enter the country on their own and stay for 90 days on each visit, which can be extended for another 90 days.

Renewal of a tourist visa

All types of visit and tourist visas can be renewed for an additional 30 days after being applied for and approved by the appropriate authority. This is possible without leaving the country. For each renewal period, visitors and tourists can request a second renewal before the first one expires. Overstayers who do not renew their visas will be charged a daily fee beginning 10 days after their visa expires.

Residents of the UAE can apply for a retirement visa.

In September 2018, the UAE Cabinet approved a measure that would grant retired residents over the age of 55 a 5-year long-term visa. The visa may be renewed if the qualifying conditions are met.

To be eligible for a 5-year extendable retirement visa, a retiree must meet one of the following conditions:

Invest in a property worth 2 million AED.
Having at least AED 1 million in financial savings
A monthly active income of at least AED 20,000 is required.
The visa is valid for five years and can be renewed if the requirements are met.
Depending on where you live, there are several ways to apply for a Dubai Retirement Visa:

If you currently have a work permit in Dubai, you must go to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA).

If you are visiting Dubai from another country, you will need an entry visa to apply for the Residence Retirement Visa.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs issues for the UAE visa, including Dubai (GDRFA).

Documentation is required.

• A copy of the applicant’s passport and any dependents’ passports (spouse and children)
• A copy of your marriage certificate is required if you are sponsoring your spouse.
• Copy of the applicant’s and dependents’ current visas – If you live in the UAE,
• Copy of applicant’s and dependents’ Emirate IDs – If you are a UAE resident

The Visa for Investors

Foreign nationals who want to start their own company or join an existing one in Dubai can apply for the Dubai Investor Visa, also known as the Dubai Partner Visa.

The holder of a Dubai investor visa has the right to remain in the UAE and come and go as they please during the duration of the visa. The holder of a Dubai Investor Visa becomes a UAE tax resident and is not chargeable in their home country, but this is subject to the restrictions of the individual’s home country.

Visa for Employment

Foreign nationals who wish to stay in the UAE for an extended period must obtain a Residence Visa. Furthermore, if you want to work in the UAE, you must first obtain a work permit. As a result, you must first find a company willing to hire you and then begin the process of obtaining an employment visa and work permit in the UAE.

To work in the UAE, both you and the employer must meet the following requirements:

• You must be at least 18 years old to take part.
• The company that hires you must be licensed.
• There must be no violations in the workplace.
• The work you do must be suitable for the company that hired you.

Visa for Students

Expat students over the age of 18 who live in the UAE are eligible for a student visa. A five-year visa may be awarded to exceptional pupils. A student visa is required for students studying at a university or college in the UAE. A minimum age of 18 is required for the student.

Student visa requirements

A freshman student visa requires an authorized admission letter from the university where the candidate is studying. For older students, proof of continued study is required. There are additional requirements:

• Passing a physical fitness test
• A visa sponsorship, which could come from the university or a parent or family member
• The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs has granted permission (GDRFA)

A student visa is issued for one year and is extendable for a comparable period upon presentation of official documentation of continued study from the appropriate higher educational establishment in the UAE where the student is enrolled|

Residents in the UAE can obtain a student visa by endorsing their children or enrolling in one of the UAE’s approved institutions or colleges. Visa applications are processed by visa officials in each emirate, who are overseen by the relevant General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs.

Attestation service agencies will help you to obtain all kinds of visas.

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