Top 10 Things to Do from Dubai in Musandam Dibba

Actually, Musandam Dibba is a feast for the eyes and the mind. There are many breathtaking views there, making it an excellent place to spend your vacation. Due to its natural friendliness and immaculate grounds, Musandam Dibba is a great option for those who value the outdoors. With its rare variety of species, stunning mountain scenery, mysterious allure of the sea, etc., Musandam welcomes everyone. For those who enjoy scuba diving, coming here will be an unforgettable experience. There are a lot of things to explore there because it’s a great vacation spot, so here are our top 10 Musandam Dibba tour activities.

Top 10 Things to Do from Dubai in Musandam Dibba

1) Khasab Castle

When the Portuguese took control of the countries on the Arabian Peninsula, they built this castle, which was later ruled by the Omanis. Today, it serves as a museum where visitors can view a variety of artefacts from the past, including jewellery, clothing, and weapons. However, the castle has a number of scale models of buildings and some traditional wooden Omani boats that were once used for date-keeping and Quran-reading.

2) Jebel Harim

It’s a mountaintop in reality, and hiking is possible there. Its height is 2087 meters. It is popularly known as the “mountain of women” because Omani women scale it to escape pirates. As you can explore the mountain heights and take in the scenery from the mountain’s summit, it will be a good place for trekking. Many tourists from around the world come here to take in the breathtaking scenery. During hikes and rides along the picturesque mountain roads

3) Snorkelling and scuba diving

Musandam Beach is a great option for those who enjoy diving because you can discover a wide variety of marine life there. You are free to choose between scuba diving and snorkelling. Scuba diving is preferable because it enables you to view both the top and inner sea scenery, as opposed to snorkelling, which only displays the top of the Musandam Sea Safari trip. But you can also see lots of pretty dolphins. Some people are hunched over, while others hiccup.

4) Beach in Musandam

You can take in the beauty of the mountains and the beach together at Musandam Beach. Rare bird species can be found on the long beaches. This beach offers a variety of activities, including camping and swimming. The best thing about these beaches is how clean they are and how fascinating the cliffs and mountains that surround them are.

5) Tour by Speed Boat

The beautiful fjords and crystal-clear waters of Musandam are ideal for some speed boating. A boat rental or a speed boat tour are both options for exploring the lovely beach. You’ll love the wind, the speed, and the breathtaking views of the mountains and sea all around. It offers the best chance to take some beautiful photos as memories. You have a lot of options on this tour for how to discover Musandam.

6) Paragliding and parasailing 

Musandam will be a better option for paragliding and parasailing because of its high mountains, cliffs, and amazing valleys. If you want to experience high-altitude sailing, paraglide over Ziggy Bay at a height of 1,000 feet and take in some of the most breathtaking views of the world’s most stunning beaches, valleys, mountains, and more. While participating in this activity, which is 1,000 feet above the ground, you will enjoy breathtaking views of the Al Hajar Mountains, the vast Gulf of Oman, and historic fishing villages.

7) Fishing

Since Musandam is a beach, there will likely be a lot of fish there, so fishing can be incorporated into a trip to Musandam. Fishing with loved ones will be an amazing experience. As Musandam has a diverse population of fish, there are many different species here. Therefore, be sure to include fishing in your trip to Musandam. You should take some time to savour the breathtaking beach views. Additionally, tour companies in the UAE will rent out or supply fishing gear.

8) Khor Najd Bay

Musandam is known for its stunning natural scenery and quaint Khor Najd Bay town. The road is about 40 minutes away from Khasab, and it passes through some breathtaking mountain and valley scenery. Enjoy taking pictures of some of the best landscapes in the world while observing the fjords from a distance.

9) The Al Hajar Range

Adventure lovers will never forget it as it offers exhilarating roller coasters above the Al Hajar Mountains. While it will undoubtedly be a breath-taking moment, there is no need to worry because everything will be managed under expert supervision. It was important to delight in and enjoy life. Beyond adventure, regular trips are also available here to explore more because you can see fossils of sea animals that date back 250 million years, among other things.

10) Enjoy dolphin watching in Musandam.

Dolphins of two different species, the bottlenose dolphin and the humpback dolphin, frequent the waters off Musandam. A traditional Omani dhow can be used to sail around the dolphins, or visitors can take a boat ride to see the dolphins. These dolphins waved and greeted the tourist, showing how sociable they are with people. People from all over the world are in awe of dolphins because they are among the most exquisite large marine fish. They frequently see spinner dolphins in the Khasab, Oman, and area because they naturally prefer warm water. Beautiful dolphins live in their natural habitat in deep waters not far from beaches in Khasab, where they interact with one another and offer great opportunities for onlookers to not only see their spectacular attractions but also to capture them on camera.

One of Oman’s best locations, Musandam draws both locals and tourists. For every penny we spend in Musandam, there is more value. Since it is a country with great diversity, it is crucial to include it in any trip to the UAE. Simply sitting and taking in the scenery will relax your mind, allowing you to begin the following week with a positive attitude. Anyone can afford the cost because it was not at all expensive to visit. A trip to Musandam is a wonderful experience. Check out the Musandam Sea Safari Tour package if you want to visit Musandam.

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