The Top 8 Stunning Beaches In Cyprus

Stunning Beaches In Cyprus

Cyprus is an island country that is a popular tourist destination in Europe. It is a wonderful location for all kinds of travelers. Cyprus is known for a lot of things, like its ruins, shops, the Walled City, the dozens of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, several places to go scuba diving, and many other things. It is also known for its great beaches, which are another reason for its fame. Cyprus has beautiful beaches where you can soak up the sun and walk barefoot on the sand.

The Top 8 Stunning Beaches In Cyprus

1. Aphrodite’s Rock And Beach

Aphrodite’s ability to stand on a seashell and rise from the ocean waves is an old myth. Even though it’s not a real Greek myth, the painter Botticelli made it well-known by putting the Goddess of Love and Desire on a seashell. The background of his painting was this beach, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world. People often say that the journey is more important than the location, and this is very true because the drive to this place gets more gorgeous as you go.

2. Lara Bay

This beautiful beach is concealed in the huge Akamas Peninsula Nature Reserve, and finding it is one of the best things you can do while visiting the island of Cyprus. At the beginning of the trip, there is green space on all sides. The jungles surround the vehicle that you have to rent to reach this beach, and the rainforests slowly give way to the seaside on their own.

3. Nissi Beach

Nissi Beach is presumably what you think of when you think of heaven. This beach is as cool as it gets. It’s in Ayia Napa, which is already popular with tourists. The sand is soft and white, and it sticks to your feet. The water has a strange hue of blue that makes you want to look at it more closely.

4. Paramali Beach

Most people who go to the beach just want to fall asleep on the first chair they see and hope to get a nice tan. However, there are some people who can’t stand how lazy these people are. These are the people who like to try new things and take risks. They probably think that Paramali Beach represents the most pleasant place in all of Cyprus.

5. Makronissos Beach

Makronissos Beach seems to be another well-known beach in Cyprus. It connects to the area near Dome Beach to make a big peninsula that is virtually all beach. Even though it’s a relatively unknown place, you can find more privacy and quiet by walking through some bushes.

6. Akti Olympion

Beaches in towns We don’t even like the sound of the word because city beaches are always filthy and polluted, and thus only washed once a year. But Atik Olympion is a beach in the city that really is recommended. It was previously just a sand bank along the water, but it has been rebuilt and made into a huge beach. The whole seafront of Limassol is now a pretty busy place.

7. Fig Tree Bay

A gorgeous line of fig trees runs along the coast of Fig Tree Bay, a popular beach in Cyprus. This is how the beach gets its name. People often say that this beach is the third-best in Europe. It is the best beach for both parents and kids because the water is simple and safe for kids, and grownups can lie on the beach and get a nice tan.

8. Konnos Bay

This beach offers the most wonderful water on the island or anywhere near it. The water is a stunning pale blue that you don’t see very often. The sand is so fine and white that it feels like powder when you run your fingers through it, and there are colourful umbrellas beyond what the eye can see! The beach is very beautiful, and the stunning view often makes people stop talking for a while.

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