The top 8 fantastic things to do this week in Dubai

fantastic things to do this week in Dubai

Dreading the extended weekend and the upcoming lengthy week? Since December has arrived, there is no reason to continue. But what does that mean? There are lots of holiday activities to enjoy leading up to Christmas, from gingerbread workshops to visiting Santa. Not yet in the holiday spirit? Don’t worry, though; there are plenty of other exciting things happening in the city this month, from watching football to attending a symphony by candlelight. Here are some of the top 8 fantastic things to do this week on a Dubai city tour.

The top 8 fantastic things to do this week in Dubai

1. Ludmilla will be playing at the BudX FiFA Festival.

On Monday, December 5, the Brazilian singer Ludmilla will perform on the BudX FIFA Fan FestivalTM Dubai stage with her distinctive sound. As two World Cup last 16 matches take place, her distinctive fusion of pop, electro pop, funk carioca, and R&B will enthral soccer fans.

2. Get a special supper at Celebrities by Mauro Colagreco for yourself.

With a special meal prepared by Chef Mauro Colagreco at Celebrities, start the week off well. Chef Mauro will also be present, so you can enjoy dishes like lobster with persimmon, hazelnut, and trout eggs; seabass with parsnip espuma, lime, and walnuts; and veal fillet and sweetbreads with kuri squash and yuzu. The supper will undoubtedly be memorable.

3. Visit Allo Beirut City Walk to watch a soccer game.

At Allo Beirut’s café in City Walk, you can get your fix of Lebanese food while you watch a soccer game. The venue will show games on screens in their internal space and on a projector on their outdoor patio. The best way to refuel and indulge in soccer fandom costs only Dh110 per person.

4. Enjoy a Ladies Pool Day at Venus to soak up the sun.

Tuesday at Venus is Ladies Pool Day. Boost your tan, go swimming, and fill up on delectable Italian cuisine. Women have no reason not to visit the poolside location because the entrance fee is entirely redeemable on food and drink. From 2 p.m. to sundown, a DJ spins tunes. Fix those plans right away.

5. Visit the Akil Theater to Honor Hong Kong Film.

Making Waves: Navigators of Hong Kong Cinema will be shown at the art house theatre Cinema Akil from December 9 to December 14. Four Hong Kong film directors will visit Dubai for the 6-day festival to participate in Q&A sessions following the presentations of their individual films. Do you want to know the schedule? On the schedule are Ricky Ko’s Time, Coba Cheng’s Chili Laugh Story, and Chiu Sin-One Hang’s Second Champion. Along with Days of Being Wild by Wong Kar Wai and Infernal Affairs by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak, Longman Leung’s Anita, a biography of the late Canto pop legend Anita Mui, Sunny Chan’s Table for Six, Kearen Pang’s Mama’s Affair, and Anita are all noteworthy films.

6. Enjoy some jazz with soul at Last Seen Live.

On Wednesday at 9 p.m., the speakeasy Last Seen Live at the Hudson Tavern at the Hyde Hotel Dubai will bring a jazzy, soulful atmosphere. Listen to artists like Chris Stapleton, The Tasty Biscuits, Lebanese singer-songwriter Bea Kadri, and Emirati-Palestinian recording artist Casa Vince. DJ sets from Eora residents and Indian-born Mister Mistry are also included.

7. Have a wild time at Rive Gauche.

With the recent opening of La Scene, Rive Gauche is the perfect place to liven up your week. The brand-new weekly celebration of all things French includes a cabaret extravaganza and dining in a nostalgic French style. An oui from us, please.

8. Attend a quiz night at Peaches & Cream to test your knowledge.

To compete against other braniacs, go to Peaches & Cream, a restaurant near the beach, on Thursday. Open tacos and chicken tortillas are included in the package, along with a pitcher of Spanish beverages. Refresh your memory as the quiz asks questions in a variety of subject areas, including history, pop culture, and general knowledge.

Are you looking for activities in Dubai this week? More than skyscrapers and shopping malls, there are other Dubai attractions that will wow you. Even still, the shopping malls and buildings are stunning. Dubai, the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, is one of the most exciting places to visit in the Middle East. To put it mildly, Dubai is a futuristic metropolis. Dubai is home to the world’s tallest building, hotel, and residential structure. It is home to the world’s largest aquarium, the second-largest man-made harbour, and the largest retail mall. Dubai is a city that everyone should visit at least once in their lives, but there are also many unexpected and fun things there. Everyone should visit Dubai at least once in their lifetime, but there are also a lot of unexpected and unique things to do there. If you want to do a Dubai half-day city tour, then read the Dubai city tour package first. Then enjoy the best things to do in Dubai this week.

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