The Top 10 Schengen Countries For Visa Applications

Schengen countries

You are not alone when giving some thought to a trip to the Schengen Area. Requests from all over the world pass through the embassies of Schengen countries every day, and each one requires careful scrutiny of supporting materials and reasons for travel. Provided you already know your way around the several sorts of Schengen visas and the supporting paperwork they require, the issuance rate data may be the only thing keeping you up at night. You’re probably confused by the prospect of making an application that doesn’t get rejected.


In 2018, just 1.3% of brief applications from Lithuania were denied, making it the easiest nation from which to obtain a Schengen visa. Overall, 98.7 percent of Lithuanian Schengen visa applicants were granted entry.
In addition, the overall number of applications for short-term visas received places Lithuania in the middle of the table. The time it takes to schedule an appointment will decrease as a result. Many nations require applicants to schedule an appointment months in advance of their intended visit to Schengen, whereas countries like Germany and France just require a few weeks’ notice.


As per 2018 visa refusal statistics, another Baltic nation is one of the simplest to obtain a visa from. Only 1.6% of applications submitted to Estonian embassies overseas were denied, whereas the remaining 98.4% were issued a Schengen Area Schengen visa valid for a maximum of 90 days. As the sixth-least-visited Schengen country, Estonia also benefits from having fewer visitors seeking visas.


Finland is one of the easiest Schengen countries to obtain a visa from, despite the huge number of visa applications it gets each year. You have excellent odds of obtaining a Schengen visa to visit Finland, as just 1.7% of applications submitted by its consulates overseas were rejected.


Iceland is a fantastic option for obtaining a Schengen Area visa because it received the fewest applications in 2018 and only denied 1.7% of those applications. Yet, you are urged to first examine where you are required to apply, as Iceland is generally served by other nations and does not possess that many embassies of its own. Therefore, if the Icelandic consulate is busy, you may have to wait longer for an appointment.

5. Latvia

A Schengen visa is the sixth easiest to obtain from Latvia. With this in mind, citizens of any of the three Baltic states can easily apply for a Schengen visa. Your chances of obtaining a visa from this nation are pretty good since 97.9% of applications are approved and only 2.1% are denied.


Obtaining a visa from the Republic of Poland is also less difficult. The percentage of those granted a Schengen visa to visit Poland is 97%, although there is a 0.9-point disparity with Latvia. The visa refusal rate in this Central European nation was under 3%.

7. Luxembourg

In instance, if you want to go to France, Germany, and Belgium, the tiny landlocked country of Luxembourg could be your ticket into the Schengen Area. Just 3.7% of applications are rejected. It would appear that Schengen visa applicants would benefit from applying to Luxembourg, the nation with the second-fewest applications.

8. Slovakia

All applicants submitting a Schengen visa application at a Slovak embassy have a 95.8% probability of being accepted. With a rejection rate of 4.2% out of a total of 26,797 applications in 2018, Slovakia is the fifth-lowest Schengen nation that accepts applications.

9.The Czech Republic

Short-term visa applicants have a greater rejection rate in the Czech Republic than in Slovakia, the other half of the country that was once known as Czechoslovakia. With a 95.3% acceptance rate, though, you also have excellent odds of having your application accepted.

10. Greece

Rejection rates in Greece have increased somewhat from 2014’s low of 2%. The current rejection rate for Schengen visa applications to Germany is 4.9%. Over 95.1 percent of visa applications submitted to Greek embassies overseas were granted last year. When it comes to short-term visitors to the Schengen region, Greece is a popular choice, with 855,285 applications received in 2016 alone, ranking it seventh most popular.

Tourists from all over the world flock to the United Arab Emirates. Traveling is a popular pastime among UAE citizens as well. A large number of people from the United Arab Emirates visit Schengen embassies each year to apply for Schengen visas from Dubai. Schengen tourist visa from Dubai permits third-country nationals to visit the Schengen region for up to 90 days, with just a 6-month duration, in order to complete their intended visit.

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