The Top 10 Must-Try Hotels in Sharjah

Hotels in Sharjah

A thriving arts and culture scene, which features attractions like the House of Wisdom and the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, is helping Sharjah quickly establish itself as a cultural hotspot in the Middle East. Its restaurant scene is also growing, with a focus on high-quality Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine. You must try these Sharjah eateries if you want a genuine, fragrant experience that combines local cuisine with flavours from elsewhere.

Nevertheless, there are still more eateries that specialise in Indian, European, American, and Middle Eastern food. Although Sharjah has several low-cost restaurants and coffee shops, we’ll show you the best. One of the best tour and travel agencies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, should be contacted if you would like to join a Sharjah city tour.

The Top 10 Must-Try Hotels in Sharjah

1) Gazebo

In order to produce a diverse, rich cuisine that is inspired by the royal kitchens of India, Gazebo investigates the Indian regions of Lucknow and Hyderabad as well as the erstwhile North-West Frontier (now a part of Pakistan). Its mixed-rice dishes, or biryanis, which are possibly the most well-known Indian dishes on the planet, are especially deserving of their fame. But it also offers a selection of kebabs and appetisers that people seem to favour. Enjoy your dinner in a setting that features attractive furnishings, relaxing music, and subtle lighting. Although there are three more gazebo locations in the city, you should be able to locate one that can accommodate you even during the busiest times.

2) Sharjah Dhow Restaurant.

The magnificent Sharjah Dhow Restaurant is located on a dhow boat that is docked close to the lovely Buhaira Corniche. Options include long benches with tables inside, private booths with curtains, and outside sitting. Don’t be fooled by the odd surroundings, since this place is much more than simply a publicity stunt. The restaurant’s genuinely Arabic atmosphere complements the menu’s selection of primarily excellently cooked and presented Middle Eastern delicacies. The vegetarian and other dishes are outstanding, and the substantially proportioned seafood is reasonably priced. That also holds true for the popular mixed grill option, which includes mouthwatering sides like fries along with a hefty combination of lamb, beef, and chicken.

3) Shababeek

In Lebanese Arabic, shababek means “window.” A sample of the sophisticated Middle Eastern cuisine served in the Al Qasba neighbourhood may be found in this restaurant. Highlights include modern Lebanese dishes that honour the culture’s traditions. Families are well-served by its great children’s menu. Even if the service can be erratic, it is more than made up for by the food. The most popular foods include lamb kebabs, batata harra, and soujouk (Lebanese sausages sautéed with garlic, lemon, and coriander) (fried cubes of potato tossed in lemon, oil, and garlic). During the cooler months of October through March, enjoy sitting outside near the canal.

4) The Roadhouse’s American Dinner

Whenever possible, classic American dishes Consider your options again if the starter or entrée isn’t loaded with cheese or chilli. It’s called Flavour Town USA, but it’s not a location you should go straight away after starting a healthy diet. When you see the Tex-Mex nachos, BBQ chicken, mozzarella cheese sticks, and decadent cheeseburgers for lunch, you’ll always regret having gone with the salad.

5) The dining room of Katie’s

Because of its handi biryani, steamed momos (dumplings), and Kati Rolls, this Indo-Chinese restaurant is a superb low-cost option that is well-liked by both locals and tourists (a street food delicacy). Katis is more well-known for its cuisine than its surroundings, despite the latter being fairly basic and unnaturally relaxing. The restaurant’s motto, “Excellence isn’t a skill, but a mindset,” is reflected in the quality of the food and service, which remain outstanding despite the restaurant’s small size.

6) Omelet, Raju

You must be familiar with the name. This restaurant offers a delicious supper, and its interior is decorated with chickens. Omelettes that are reminiscent of Indian street food are everyone’s favourite. You might blend in rather nicely here if that’s the case. The chicken and egg theme is prominently used in the pleasant dining area. The morning menu offers numerous variations of everyone’s favourite breakfast item. One of three branches in the emirates, two of which are in Dubai.

7) The Arabic Grill at Mushmaool Restaurant

Mushmaool is one of those eateries that can occasionally do no wrong with wonderful food and exceptional service. It receives frequent visits. The Mega Mall is nearby, and it boasts the best barbecue in town. Along with the highly regarded lamb chops and shish tawook (Lebanese chicken skewers), the waffle fries are a favourite dish. The restaurant has a great, neat decor with a variety of motifs and colours placed around it. The staff is committed to making the dining experience as similar to a home-cooked supper as possible, so while the cuisine has always been popular, visitors frequently remember the excellent service.

8) The Kulcha King

The second house of the Indian immigrants. People fly in from all over the world to eat at this highly acclaimed restaurant. This well-known brand has eight sites in the United Arab Emirates. It enjoys great Amritsari staples at reasonable costs, like morning buns, biriyanis, pav bhaji, and kulcha bread stuffed with chole and chicken gravy. The mutton keema kulcha is equally as good as the chicken gilafi seekh kebab, which is our favourite dish.

9) Fen Restaurant and Café

This finely designed fusion restaurant fits right in with its surroundings at the Sharjah Art Foundation Art Space. Its fame stems from a symbol of “art.” The dining rooms and patios are decorated with classic Italian, German, and Arabic elements. The rich menu features miso sea bass, wild-caught Kalba gigantic prawns, and zaru soba at around half the price of a comparable restaurant in adjacent Dubai.

10) Shakespeare & Co.

This well-known British-style business has two locations, one on each side of the emirate’s industrial district, each with its distinctively eccentric interior design. Think of soft pastels, delicate lace, antique furniture built by hand for the shop, and too much chintz. Excellent breakfast options like French toast and pancakes, light bites like saj sandwiches, and heartier meals like chicken escalopes and a cut of beef can all be found on the comprehensive menu that offers cuisine from all over the world.

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