The Ride in a Hot Air Balloon over the Desert in Dubai

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

In Dubai, one can only experience hot air balloon rides. From the ground, it’s breathtaking to watch the sun set or rise over the golden-hued deserts, but experiencing it from a hot air balloon adds another level of enjoyment. Anyone should begin making travel arrangements to Dubai as soon as they have the opportunity to see the largest sand dunes in the nation from the air. Hot air balloon ride marriage proposals and hot air balloon rides in Dubai for the honeymoon are becoming increasingly common choices for newlyweds. Hot-air ballooning is a must-try activity for adventurers and partygoers who frequent the city.

The Ride in a Hot Air Balloon over the Desert in Dubai

What to expect

Start your tour with an easy pick-up from your hotel in the city, which will take you to the flying location for a safety briefing and instructions before your official hot air balloon experience. After taking all necessary precautions, get ready to enjoy the thrill of hot-air ballooning over the city of gold. For 40 to 70 minutes, you will soar and glide through the air while taking in breath-taking panoramic views of the vast Arabian Desert. Enjoy the beautiful sunrise and be amazed by how big and impressive Dubai’s sand dunes are. For the other desert safari, dune bashing, and quad riding activities, pick the Deluxe or Premium package for the ultimate experience.

Participate in Pre-Flight Preparations

When you arrive at the launch location and meet your skilled crew, you will have the unique opportunity to participate in the balloon setup operations. See how the basket and burner are put together before the big balloon is unfolded and inflated by activating the high-powered burner or motor. After the balloon has been fully released, you will listen to a quick but detailed safety briefing before climbing into the basket.

Enjoy the enchanting desert sunrise views.

When the basket is removed, you can start the day in a whole new way! Watch as the desert and the mountains that surround the area are illuminated by the sun’s first rays. The experience of taking in the rich, vibrant colours that are (in detail) fading away the desert’s darkness from the sky is simply beyond words. This experience of floating above the breathtaking desert vista at sunrise will stay with you forever.

Look out at the desert animals and plants.

Nothing but the utter silence and tranquilly that permeate the desert landscape will lull you during your hour-long flight that hovers in the direction of the wind. Additionally, you get to take advantage of a special opportunity to observe the fascinating plant and animal species that call the Arabian Desert home. As you peacefully fly over the endless desert sands, look for the rare Arabian oryx, camels, and gazelles all freely roaming around safely in their natural habitat.

Additional Activities and a Delectable Breakfast round out the experience.

After a tranquil flight and an exhilarating, safe landing, more thrilling activities like a camel ride and a horse ride are in store for you. After all the excitement, you will enjoy a delectable gourmet breakfast with dishes from the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. Take home photos of you with the falcon and a signed certificate of your flight as a memento of this amazing adventure tour.

Breakfast in Dubai, a Hot Air Balloon Ride, and a Vintage Land Rover Ride

On this hot air balloon ride in Dubai, observe the desert sunrise from the air. Early morning, air-conditioned minibus transportation will take you to the launch site, where you and your pilot will soar over the towering dunes of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. As the sun rises over the Hajar Mountains, observe falcons performing a trained demonstration up to 4,000 feet (1,219 metres) above Earth. Finish with a lavish breakfast back at your hotel. A desert hot air balloon ride in Dubai including a falcon show and a gourmet breakfast Fly over the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve’s canyons and desert plains. Watch the sun rise over the desert while taking in the free-roaming camels and gazelles. Watch falcons soar as high as 4,000 feet (1,219 meters). Visit a luxury desert breakfast in a vintage 1950s Land Rover. Select Dubai hotels’ hotel pickup and drop-off services are included.

A vintage Land Rover ride, a hot air balloon ride, and breakfast in Dubai

See the desert sunrise from the air during this hot air balloon ride in Dubai. You will be transported to the launch site in the early morning in an air-conditioned minibus. There, you and your pilot will soar over the soaring dunes of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Watch falcons performing a trained demonstration up to 4,000 feet (1,219 metres) above the ground as the sun rises over the Hajar Mountains. Finish with a sumptuous breakfast served to you at your hotel. A hot-air balloon ride in Dubai over the desert, a gourmet breakfast, and a falconry display fly over the plains and canyons of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Enjoy the free-roaming camels and gazelles while observing the sun rise over the desert. Falcons can fly up to 4,000 feet (1,219 meters) in the air. In a vintage 1950s Land Rover, visit a posh desert breakfast. Hotel pickup and drop-off services are offered by a few Dubai hotels.

Hot air balloon ride in Dubai

The Premium Hot Air Balloon Dubai is also held in the morning, allowing you to see how the desert changes as the sun rises over the Hajar Mountains, altering its appearance and color. While you float along with the warm breeze in the air, you will be able to see the magical desert of Dubai and the wildlife in the surroundings. View the desert’s camels, oryx, gazelles, and other animals from a great height. The entire hot air balloon ride in Dubai is the ideal way to take it easy and take in the beauty of the city.

Fantastic hot air balloon view of the desert sunrise

Nothing beats waking up in the morning and seeing the sun come up, but this tour takes it a step further by taking you to the clouds to see the day break. A small group can board your balloon as it begins to inflate and soar above the desert and the Hajar Mountains. After you land, eat a meal and have a few drinks in the desert before returning to your hotel.

On your Dubai Balloon Flights experience, feel the flawless combination of adventure, relaxation, and tranquillity. Soar up to 4,000 feet above the desert environment to take in the breathtaking sunrise views and observe the region’s indigenous flora and fauna. You’ll fly for about an hour before celebrating your safe landing with a delicious brunch. Enjoy activities such as camel rides and horseback riding, as well as a photo with a falcon and a flying certificate signed by your pilot. If you want to go hot air ballooning with your family. First find out the prices for hot air balloon ride. Then get hot air balloon regular ticket.

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