The expansion of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has been announced

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Over the next three years, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will add seven more rides, which will increase the park’s capacity by 40%. According to Jesse Vargas, who spoke at a media event this week, Yas Mall will open around the time of the Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this year, which is expected to bring more people to the arena. Work on the new rides will start by the end of the year, said Vargas, who took over as general manager of Ferrari World earlier this year.

Plans for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s expansion have been announced.
“Innovative” and “never done before”

New rides with “Est” features, such as the tallest, quickest, etc., will be a part of the expansion. They already have the record for the fastest coaster, so maybe not the fastest! The manager of the park stated there will be seven of the unnamed rides, which will increase the facility’s capacity. Three of the park’s current rides will get significant renovations, making them feel brand new to parkgoers.

A new Italian-inspired design will be applied to certain areas of the park, and the park’s dining, drinking, and shopping options will change and expand. It appears that a system for booking rides is being designed; it is described as “innovative” and “never done before.”

Ferrari World has started a big expansion project on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. Over the next three years, new and updated rides and attractions will be built as part of this project. Currently, the park is home to some magnificent attractions that are housed in the enormous building. Additionally, it is the home of Formula Rossa, an Intamin-launched vehicle that is still the fastest on earth.

Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World is set for major expansion.

To increase traffic and capacity at the theme park by 40%, Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi has revealed plans to construct an additional seven rides over the next three years. The park anticipates an increase in visitors as a result of the inauguration of the neighbouring Yas Mall around the time of the annual Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at the end of November this year, according to park general manager Jesse Vargas.

Vargas added that there are additional plans to expand three of the park’s 20 currently available attractions, add street entertainment and seasonal performances, and enhance the number of eateries.

The deployment of new technologies to shorten line times will be another component of the growth. The nearby 2.5 million square foot Yas Mall, which will house a family entertainment centre, shops, VOX Cinemas, and Geant, which is anticipated to be the largest supermarket in the country, is being constructed by the same developer Aldar, which constructed Ferrari World.

The Ideal Relationship

Vargas has worked in the leisure industry for over twenty years. He’s worked in resorts, entertainment centres, and Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari theme park, as well as in water parks, animal parks, and public parklands. He began working in the industry as a ride operator and lifeguard as a college student. After fourteen years at Six Flags, he rose to executive-level positions.

“I’m thankful for Six Flags,” he says. “I learned a lot.” “It was a very valuable experience for me to rise through the ranks.” He began working as a member of the opening staff at Fiesta, Texas, in San Antonio. He also helped establish Sesame Street Park in Monterrey, Mexico. Six Flags also sent me on a special mission to work with the Warner Brothers Madrid opening team. I also worked at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. Naturally, I am currently employed by Ferrari at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

Environment Management

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi was created in collaboration with the Ferrari World theme park and the UAE. This concept’s goal was to create a brand-evoking experience. According to Vargas, the park provides a high-end but approachable experience. It’s a place for loved ones to get together and spend time together in a unique setting.

And, perhaps most notably, Ferrari and the United Arab Emirates, both renowned for their history and inventions, believe that this is what most fundamentally unites them. They are both renowned for their unyielding ambitions, which include a desire to construct world-class attractions that are bigger and better. It is the ideal alliance in that sense.

Karting School

The Karting Academy was the first brand-new attraction to open. According to Vargas, it is an indoor electric karting track that was inspired by Ferrari and was built to give visitors the chance to demonstrate their skills on the track. Since Formula One veterans Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen have set the kart track circuit records, aspiring drivers face some formidable competition. If a guest manages to break those records, Ferrari World has agreed to fly them to Maranello for a factory tour.

High-calibre guest service and affordability

Beyond all of that, he asserts, “I believe that the standard of guest service and the people who provide it will always and forever remain of essential importance. “In many ways, that distinguishes one facility in a given place from another.” In my perspective, no other theme park in the world can match the level of visitor service that Ferrari World Abu Dhabi provides, and I’m quite proud of that. He is backed by many of the park’s visitors. Ferrari World has had consecutive years of record-breaking attendance and guest pleasure.

The park’s expansion, which cost about what other people could spend on a medium-sized theme park, shows how successful it has been. Vargas explains, “We see ourselves not just as Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, but as a growing component of Yas Island’s world-class tourist attraction.” On top of that, we’re assisting in the development of the UAE’s national tourism business. This is a nation with lofty goals and a track record of producing world-class attractions.

First off, Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World is a celebrated theme park. The name “Ferrari” gives away what the topic is. Ferrari For the uninitiated, Ferrari is an Italian manufacturer of luxury sports cars. It is renowned for its extraordinary sports, which are quite stunning. You can take part in exhilarating activities and ride thrilling attractions, living true to the reputation of Ferrari. The idea of Ferrari permeates every aspect of this park.

Therefore, this park is the one you must see if you’ve ever thought what an amusement park would look like if everything there was related to Ferrari. It features various rides and attractions that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

For those who want to experience life on an F1 track, the amusement park also offers Khalil’s Car Wash and Tyre Change Experience in addition to Formula Rossa, the fastest roller coaster in the entire globe. If you want to go to Ferrari World, check out the Ferrari world ticket prices and buy your Ferrari World tickets and Ferrari World theme park tickets right away.

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