The Best Things to Do in Dubai: Dhow Cruise Creek

Dhow Cruise Creek

Dubai is a wonderland; the city of dreams is now defined by skyscrapers, immaculate beaches, massive malls, and luxury automobiles. The tribe that lived along Dubai Creek, in particular, is rooted in Bedouin culture from the Arabian Peninsula. Numerous cultural relics from that time period still exist today and play an important role in Dubai’s daily life. None more so than the Dhow, a traditional wooden boat used for navigating the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean that was expertly designed and built by the nearby fishing communities. Tickets for the Dubai Dhow Cruise are available in a variety of configurations to suit your needs. Dhow cruises are famous for their unique sightseeing and dining experiences as they cruise the waters of Dubai Creek and the modern Dubai Marina. The memory of eating a delicious meal while passing by well-known landmarks will last a lifetime.

The Best Things to Do in Dubai: Dhow Cruise Creek

A Classic Dubai Experience: Dubai Dhow Cruises

What is a dhow?

Dhows, which are wooden boats made from coconut and palm leaves by fishing communities and used for trading and scuba diving, have always been an important part of Dubai’s lifeline. Dhow cruises have grown in popularity among visitors to Dubai as a result of their modern reinvention because they provide an experience infused with the traditional traditions and modern luxury that the land of superlatives has come to be known for.

Why Should You Take a Dhow Cruise in Dubai?

Traveling to Dubai and witnessing the might of the megacities in the midst of a vast desert is a truly life-changing experience. It’s not difficult to explore Dubai and everything it has to offer; the city offers everything from bus tours to helicopter-guided tours. Cruises are popular with tourists. The Creek and Marina, the two most well-liked dhow cruises, both provide breathtaking views of the Arab city.

 The Dubai Creek

Due to its historical importance as the local communities’ main means of subsistence, Dubai Creek has played a crucial role in the development of the area. Old buildings and market areas like the Heritage Village, Gold and Spice Souks, Sheikh Saeed’s House, the Grand Mosque, and the Old Boat Fort are scattered throughout the bustling old city neighbourhoods of Deira and Bur Dubai, which are spread out on either side of the creek.

A Typical Dhow Cruise Experience

While the Dubai Creek, the city’s historic lifeblood, runs through the older districts of Deira and Bur Dubai, Dubai Marina is a 2-mile-long man-made canal city surrounded by some of the city’s most breathtaking skyscrapers. On most cruises, you are greeted at the pier with coffee, dates, and snacks. There are also cruises that will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. When you board, your table will be assigned to you. The glass walls of the air-conditioned dhow allow you to enjoy your meal while looking out the window. After you’ve finished your meal, you can relax on the deck and take in some fresh air. There are numerous sightseeing opportunities because sailing through Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina allows you to see all of the major landmarks. Dinner will consist of a three-course international buffet, expertly prepared. Dubai is a truly international city, and the dinner reflects this with food from all over the world. While you eat, local artists will perform traditional dance genres such as belly dance, tannura, magic, and puppet shows. Overall, if you’re visiting Dubai for the first time, a dhow cruise is a fantastic way to learn about the city.

The most excellent Dubai Dhow Cruise – Creek

 Cruise on Dubai Creek

The sights that are covered can be few, despite the appeal of cruising the Dubai Dhow Cruise Creek and exploring the historic district. The old Bastakiya Quarter, traditional souks, and the Heritage Village are located further up the creek on the Bur Dubai side of the creek, whereas the Deira side of the creek has a few iconic structures like the Sheraton or the Dubai Municipality building.


The typical perception of Dubai is pretty much confirmed by a cruise through the Dubai Marina. Being the older of the two, Dubai Creek provides a better historical tour of Dubai. Even though there are some notable buildings on the Creek’s banks, some visitors might find them unimpressive because they are neither new nor old.


Because Dubai Marina is relatively modern, the overall quality of the cruise—including the vessel, sightseeing, dinner, and entertainment—is noticeably higher than on a cruise through Dubai Creek. Even though the Creek is home to many excellent Dhow operators, the sheer volume of operators in the area ensures that a significant portion of cruises are of mediocre quality.

When is the best time to take a dhow cruise in Dubai?

Dhow cruises operate all day and provide opportunities for either fine dining or sightseeing. You can choose between evening cruises that are popular for dinner and on-board entertainment or daytime cruises that are focused on sightseeing, depending on what you would like to experience. It can be a magical experience to be on a cruise at dusk or after the city has been bathed in moonlight. At various times of the day, Dubai Dhow Cruises’ creek tours offer a different experience as they glide along the picturesque surroundings of Dubai Creek or the Marina. An early morning or late afternoon cruise might be a good idea for you if you’re hoping to see the intricate details of the architectural wonders. However, avoid being outside on an open deck when it’s sunny. You should look over the dhow cruise creek packages and decide when you want to visit.

Tickets for a Creek Dhow Cruise

Tickets for a Dubai Creek Dhow cruise give you access to an elaborate trip down Dubai Creek, the river that runs through Deira and Bur Dubai and is the lifeblood of Dubai. As you travel through Dubai from a brand-new perspective, you will pass many of the city’s breathtaking landmarks, including the National Bank of Dubai, Sheikh Saeed’s House, and Heritage Village. There are several variations of the Dubai Creek Dhow cruises, including dinner cruises and sightseeing tours. You can continue with your dhow cruise trip now that you know your dhow cruise creek price.

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