The 10 Best Scuba Diving Spots In Turkey For An Adventure In 2023

Scuba Diving Spots

Discover the invisible gems of the fascinating seas by diving deep and discovering the delicacy of our oceans whenever the occasion presents itself. A scuba diving trip in Turkey would enable divers of all abilities to explore the ocean floor. It’s the ideal pastime for individuals who are always seeking backpacking adventures, romantic getaways, family vacations, and anything else.

The 10 Best Scuba Diving Spots In Turkey For An Adventure In 2023

1. Bodrum

Bodrum is renowned for its fantastic diving locations, which feature vibrant sea sponges, vast depths, and tunnels. It is one of the top places for scuba diving in Turkey and includes one of the largest underwater museums. This region’s east cliff off Orak Island is a scuba diver’s paradise due to the stunning rocky outcrops inside the shallow area. It might easily take a full day to have the most memorable scuba diving performance.

2. Kas

Due to its variety, regularity, and cleanliness, Kas is the best scuba diving location in Turkey. This area has caves, reefs, wrecks, and marine life, including rays, eels, and turtles. A valuable player will find turtles, sharks, tuna, and thornback rays in Kalkan’s waters. The Blue Hole, home to tropical fish and reef sharks, is indeed the region’s centrepiece.

3. Fethiye

Among the top diving destinations in Turkey, Fethiye’s ocean bottom is composed of swim-through curves wrapped in soft corals, cryptic tunnels, and plummeting slopes, making it ideal for those in search of a thrilling underwater adventure as well as breathtaking scenery. Numerous dives may be found in the clear waters around Fethiye. In secluded bays, cuttlefish, lobsters, and octopuses make their homes.

4. Marmaris

The islands of Kara Incir off the coast of Marmaris are some of the best places to go scuba diving in Turkey, and you’re almost guaranteed to see dolphins, sharks, and Mediterranean seals. It is among the most renowned places in the region for water sports, thanks to its crystal-clear waters and excellent accessibility. If you plan a trip to this area, you won’t be let down by the abundant marine life, sheer cliffs, and unique rock formations you’ll find there.

5. Antalya

You should go to Antalya. The greatest concentration of scuba diving facilities may be found in this world-famous tourist destination. Kemer is a favourite among divers and is one of the best places to go diving in this region. Tekirova is a great place to go cavern diving and is home to a variety of marine species, including gigantic thornback rays.

6. Ayvalik

Ayvalik was formerly thought to be the site of the mythical lost city of Atlantis, but even now divers go to the waters near Yuvarlak Island, Gunes Island, and the Kerbela Rocks in Turkey for the country’s unparalleled selection of dive sites. The seas off Kiz Island are the most frequented because they provide fascinating marine life at a depth of only 19 metres.

7. Mersin

The sunken cargo ship off the western tip of Dana Island is only one of the numerous interesting dive sites in the crystal-clear seas surrounding Mersin. Mersin is a popular diving destination due to an underwater island northwest of Sancak Bay made up of large antique oil jars. Here on the Tasucu, most of the diving is done along the coast.

8. Gulf Of Gokova

Those interested in wall diving in Turkey will find the Gulf of Gokova to be a place of exceptional beauty. From Bodrum, it’s a sail of around an hour and a half to get to this spot. It’s also the end of a typical dive day’s journey. The diving off the point that looks out over the Gulf of Gokova is quite remarkable.

9. Kusadasi

Excellent opportunities to see marine life and explore a purposely sunken ex-coastal guard ship await divers in the Kusadasi region of the Aegean Sea near Didim. A300 Airbus, adjacent to Davutlar, not far from Kusadasi, is one of the greatest sites to do scuba diving in Turkey. In addition to providing divers from all over the world with a one-of-a-kind diving opportunity, it will also serve as an artificial reef for marine life.

10. Side

Explore the side if you’re interested in trying out scuba diving in Turkey’s clear waters. Coretta turtles, huge groupers, lionfishes, and other marine species may be found in this region, along with sunken ships, museums, caverns, and more.

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