The 10 Best Coffee Shops in Dubai for the Perfect Cup of brew

Coffee Shops in Dubai

Over the past several years, the Middle East has fallen in love with coffee beans, and as a result, some of the top cafes and coffee shops in Dubai have been born. Dubai has a coffee shop for everyone, whether you want to enjoy a fine cup on your own or converse with friends over a cup. Contact one of the best tour and travel agencies in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. The company is also highly recommended for those looking for their Dubai city tour services and reliable coffee shops. Here are some of the best coffee shops in Dubai for the perfect cup of brew.

Best Coffee Shops in Dubai for the Perfect Cup of brew

1) The Coffee Museum of Dubai

Coffee Shops in Dubai

Al Fahidi, one of Dubai’s cultural centres, is home to a whole museum devoted to coffee. You can take a tour to learn more about the development and history of coffee. They offer live demonstrations of various roasting and brewing techniques, as well as replicas of antiques that can be purchased at their museum shop. Without enjoying a sample of freshly brewed coffee, made by their personnel dressed in traditional attire, the olfactory voyage through the museum is incomplete.

2) Alchemy

Coffee shops in Dubai

Alchemy is a locally owned coffee shop in Dubai that is situated in a lovely villa with a pool and gives you the feeling that you are away from home. With its marble and wood interiors and all-pervasive coffee aroma, it makes for the ideal location for group photos with friends and family. Of course, you can also taste their cosy coffee, which is supplied from a single ethical farm.

3) Serg & Tom’s

Coffee shops in Dubai

One of the top coffee shops in Dubai is run by the team of Tom and Sergio. Fresh, healthy food and specialty coffee are available at the two-story cafe, which also features an open kitchen and coffee bars. Their extensive vegetarian and vegan menus feature fresh, wholesome foods that celebrate flavour at every turn. Additionally, Tom & Serg stage a number of cuisine pop-ups to display their diverse palate and international flavours.

4) Leak the Beans

Coffee shops in Dubai

A fantastic cup of 100% organic coffee is served at Spill the Bean in Dubai’s Sustainable City neighbourhood, an independent coffee shop that was once located in the Dubai Sunset Mall. Fresh juices, tea, and a variety of bread are also offered. For those who enjoy reading while sipping their coffee, there is also a row of bookcases in the back with a selection of excellent titles. The space is ideal for working or reading because of its many plugs, free WiFi, and floor to ceiling windows.

5) Mokha 1450

Coffee shops in Dubai

This coffee “boutique” guarantees to provide coffee lovers with the “heart of coffee,” from bean to cup. They serve coffee that is unique, only available there, and made in accordance with the early coffee culture. By paying farmers a fair price, Mokha 1450 hopes to more evenly distribute the costs and benefits of creating a superior cup of coffee. They provide a wide variety of brews and mixes, unique drinks, and coffee mocktails on their extensive menu. This cafe, which has locations in Jumeirah and Al Safa, is perfect for a leisurely visit rather than a quick stop for coffee.

6) Raw Coffee Company

Raw Coffee Company

In Dubai, the Raw Coffee Company sells locally roasted organic coffee, brewing supplies, and other goods. They have opened a coffee shop in Dubai with espresso and brew bars, a great sound system, and wifi. They offer Rocket Fuels for people who are always on the go, as well as bottles of nitro-infused cold brew with floral aromas or a chocolatey finish for people who prefer to relax while drinking their coffee. For those with more ambition, there are classes on making coffee, as well as a warehouse roastery where you may sample their organic beans in single origin or blend form.

7) The brass

The brass

The Brass is a neighbourhood coffee shop created by Dubai residents for the benefit of the Dubai community. The Brass’s interior design, large menu, and coffee all celebrate the East meets West coffee culture. In addition to the traditional drinks like cappuccino and latte, they also have their own lineup of beverages and international dishes. And be sure to leave room for the delectable pastries that will no doubt draw you in from their cake display.

8) The Sum of Us

The Sum of Us

A gourmet cafe, bakery, and coffee roastery all rolled into one, The Sum of Us makes everything on the menu from scratch on-site. To make their meals wholesome and healthy, they bake their bread, roast their coffee, and fillet their fish. Experience their diversified menu, meet their daring coffee roasters, and explore their innovative artisan environment before indulging in their freshly made bread and pastries from their Rise & Dawn Bakehouse.

9) Drop


This stylish, modern coffee shop in Dubai is situated in the Dar Al Wasl Mall and has a simple aesthetic design with hardwood chairs and counters, marble tables, and coffee table books. They only offer specialty coffee drinks, which are served with delectable cookies and sweets that go nicely with the coffee. They have world-class, award-winning baristas who are professionals in their area and who wish to share with others the atmosphere of their culture through their coffee.

10) Visiting Places

Visiting Places

In addition to their large coffee menu, Stomping Grounds is a welcoming neighbourhood Aussie cafe in Jumeirah that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Due to its rustic timber furnishings, stylish metal lighting fixtures, and two outside terraces, the cafe exudes a unique atmosphere. Along with their in-house roasted single-origin coffee and fresh cuisine, this makes it the ideal spot to unwind, inspire creativity, have meetings, and relax. In Dubai, there are many new coffee shops opening up all over the city, so one is spoiled for choice. To provide you with the opportunity to taste the fresh, authentic flavour, the majority of these home-based coffee businesses have their own roasteries where they source premium-quality coffee beans directly from the farms. While some restaurants provide traditional favourites like lattes and espresso, others take a risk and create their own distinctive beverages by fusing various flavours and ingredients. The coffee shops in Dubai will unquestionably become your favourite hangout place if you enjoy coffee and gorgeous settings.

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