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Ski Dubai

This year, most UAE citizens have been unable to go to places with lower temperatures. The world’s largest indoor ski resort has recently introduced a “Breakfast with Penguins” promotion that allows visitors to begin their day with the endearing, flightless birds.

From 8.30 a.m. to 9.15 a.m., participants can eat breakfast at the Alpine-themed North 28 restaurant in the Mall of the Emirates, where they can look out the glass windows at penguins having fun in the snow park. After eating, they can put on the provided winter clothing and travel to Ski Dubai for a 30-minute penguin stroll. It takes an hour and a half to complete the process.

Blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs on toast, and homemade granola are just a few of the options. Children under the age of two are currently not permitted at the snow park, and those under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Alternatively, for Dh65, there is the Breakfast with Penguin View deal, which does not include the rental of gloves or outfits, nor does it provide customers with slope access to walk with the birds.

You do, however, get to eat your first meal of the day while observing the birds in their snowy enclosure. Breakfast with a Penguin View is also provided on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you wish to visit Ski Dubai in Dubai, Contact one of the best tour and travel agencies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Overview About Breakfast With Penguins At Ski Dubai:

• This 40-minute excursion at Ski Dubai offers a close-up look at penguins.
• Don a thermal suit, enter the ultra-modern indoor ski complex’s sub-zero penguin zone, and take in the nearby views of the resident penguins.
• Watch a documentary on the lives of penguins in the wild and take in a close encounter with a different penguin while an educational tour guide describes their traits.
• Next, use the underwater viewing glasses to observe the jovial penguins splashing and swimming about the pool.
• A penguin encounter lasting 40 minutes at Ski Dubai in Dubai Discover gentoo and king penguins in the park’s sub-zero penguin zone.
• Two or more of these cute birds will be introduced by a qualified professional. See the penguins around the pool and observe their antics underwater at the underwater viewing area.
• The expert guide will teach you about penguins, their natural habitats, and their behaviours.

Ski Dubai Dress Code

• Ski Dubai Snow Park provides all of the necessary equipment for guests to stay warm, including disposable socks, jackets, winter trousers, and snow boots.
• When you book with Headout, there is no additional rental fee for any of the clothing items listed above. However, hats and gloves are not provided, so bring your own.
Our Ski Dubai Penguin Encounter guide will Come watch a world first:
• The Snow Penguins show at Ski Dubai.
• It’s similar to escorting tiny children to school, but you can’t reward them with ice cream for good behaviour (fish is a lot more effective).
• You’ll also have time to sit down and get up close to the penguins, watching their various personality traits and learning more about their habitat.
• The new activity will take place every Tuesday and Thursday until March, when the penguins will begin to awaken much later.
• Breakfast begins at 8.30 a.m., and the walk begins at 9.15 a.m. and lasts until 10 a.m.
• Through the underwater viewing windows, you can see the lively penguins romp and swim around the pool.

Highlights Meet the Penguins at Ski Dubai.

• For the duration of your visit, you will need a Ski Dubai jacket, Ski Dubai pants, socks, shoes, and Ski Dubai gloves.
• Meet at least two penguins up close and personal.
• The Peng-Friend Encounter is held in groups of up to 16 people.
• For an extra fee, you can get images of your experience or entry to the Snow Park.
• The event lasts 40 minutes.
• Gifts of multiple cobones are available.
• Ski Dubai’s Gentoo and King Penguins will provide you with an unforgettable experience.
• Through the underwater viewing windows, you can see the lively penguins romp and swim around the pool.

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