Sightseeing at the World-Famous Dubai Aquarium and a Special Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium

One of Dubai’s most interesting attractions is the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. It offers a remarkable journey into aquatic life and is housed inside the Dubai Mall, the biggest mall in the world. A fascinating new reptile, one of the biggest in the world and a curious oddity of nature, has been added to the Underwater Zoo. One of the biggest indoor aquariums in the world, the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, holds 10 million litres of water and is featured in the Guinness World Records as having the “Largest Acrylic Pane.” Along with showcasing the wonders of the water below, it displays one of the broadest collections of aquatic creatures.

When you stroll through the 48-meter Dubai Aquarium Tunnel, views of the enormous aquarium are breathtaking. Penguins, piranhas, crabs, water rats, sea horses, jellyfish, and other creatures can all be seen up close at the underwater zoo. Directly above the aquarium are a large range of marine creatures, including sand tiger sharks, enormous groupers, and others. If you wish to see the aquarium in the Dubai Mall, contact one of the best travel and tour companies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. If you wish to visit Dubai Mall Aquarium in Dubai, contact one of the best tour and travel agencies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The World-Famous Dubai Aquarium And Its Unusual Underwater Zoo Host Amazing Events

1)  Explore Dubai’s underwater zoo to see a wide variety of reptiles, marine animals, and other wildlife.
2) Get to know its two halves: an aquarium and an underwater zoo. On level 2, visit the Aquatic Zoo, which takes visitors through unique exhibits and aquatic settings.
3) You might gain interesting details about a range of animals from the skilled staff.
4) Investigate the Dubai Aquarium Tunnel, a 48-meter walk-through tunnel that runs beneath the aquarium. Wave to any penguins, crocodiles, sharks, otters, water rats, sea horses, or sea jellies that you come across.
5) At the underwater zoo, King Crocs, the world’s largest reptile, as well as other nocturnal species, can be seen up close and personal.

Dubai Aquarium’s Special Underwater Zoo is World-Famous

  • A two-day PADI-certified scuba diving course;
  • a snorkelling trip suitable for both experienced and inexperienced divers; and constant communication with the largest group of Sand Tiger Sharks.
  • Penguins, piranhas, crabs, water rats, seahorses, and jellyfish are all within touching distance.
  • A glass-boat tour is the best way to see the plethora of marine life that lives in the aquarium’s depths.
  • Have access to over 300 active sharks and rays, as well as one of the world’s largest collections of Sand Tiger Sharks.

To find out more about this amazing ecosystem, look at the list of the top water activities below:

1) Aquarium assistance:

It is one of the biggest suspended aquarium tanks in the world and is filled with thousands of intriguing aquatic creatures. There are 140 unique species that can be found there. Sharks, rays, and a wide variety of other colourful aquatic species will make the kids squeal with excitement in this unusual ecosystem. The tank is also home to the biggest group of Sand Tiger sharks in the entire globe.

2) Events involving shark feeding

Prepare yourself for a potentially exhilarating shark encounter as you approach these intriguing creatures, feeling a mixture of fear, excitement, and exhilaration. During shark feeding events at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, divers lure the sharks with buckets of fish. You may observe the sharks from a few centimetres away while being secure in your cage. Visitors get a sneak peek of the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo’s shark feeding programme after the thrilling 30-minute underwater tour.

3) An Aquarium in a Tunnel

The 48-meter walk-through tunnel at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is an excellent way to see and record the astounding diversity of the underwater world.

4) Zoo Aquarium

On level two, above the aquarium tank, there is an underwater zoo where you can observe 40 different display tanks full of a bewildering assortment of aquatic animals. This region, which is made up of three different ecosystems: the Rainforest, Rocky Shore, and Living Ocean, is home to these fascinating creatures, such as the Humboldt Penguin, Piranha, African Dwarf Crocodile, Giant Spider Crabs, Otters, Lionfish, and many more.

5) Underwater diving

To fulfil your scuba diving goals, enrol in a professional 2-day PADI certification course at this facility. The flexible, instructor-led introduction to scuba diving course considerably raises your chances of realising your dream of becoming a professional diver.

6) The Allure of an Underwater Zoo

The UAE’s Night Creatures is yet another engrossing and educational voyage into the realm of amazing and unusual species found in the Arabian Desert. Explore the 200 square metres of the designated space to learn about the wonders of the desert environment, which is home to Giant Camel Spiders, Arabian Toads, Fruit Bats, Veiled Chameleons, and more.

7) Learn about VRZOO

You can totally immerse yourself in the wild and adventurous world of some of the most spectacular animals in the world thanks to the cutting-edge and thrilling VRZOO experience, which is located on the bottom level of Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Thanks to VRZOO, you can take a fantastic trip that includes gorilla encounters in Uganda, elephant encounters in the South African savannahs, and whale shark encounters in the Maldives—all without lifting a finger. A lot of fun and satisfaction may be had at the lavish Ocean Experience.

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