Explore the Things to do Inside Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame

Without a doubt, Dubai is famed for its sophisticated and magnificent architecture. Over the previous several decades, the city has been renovated and groomed to meet the demands of all types of tourists. It is today a metropolis with numerous faces, welcoming nearly 20 million visitors each year. The Dubai Frame, located in Zabeel Park, is one of its more recent wonders and now an important cultural icon.

This 150-meter-high glass bridge, which opened in January 2018, provides tourists with a look at Dubai’s history, present, and future. One of the attractions of this one-of-a-kind building, also known as Berwaz Dubai, is the 93-meter-long glass skywalk deck that connects both sides of the Dubai Frame. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about Dubai Frame.

Explore the Things to do Inside Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame: A Look Inside

The Dubai Frame, a landmark bridging two sides of the city, allows one to learn about the city’s past, present, and future all under one roof. Here are a few things you may do and see when visiting Dubai Frame.

Explore the Museum

Visitors can learn about the city’s history by visiting the “Old Dubai Gallery” on the mezzanine floor, where they can view multimedia exhibitions that take them back in time. Observe how the city transformed from a small fishing community to a thriving modern metropolis while learning about Emirati culture in an original way. Step back in time and experience the ancient city via a mix of sights, sounds, and fragrances that bring “Old Dubai” to life before taking the panoramic elevators above.

Modern Dubai

As you ascend the glass bridge that connects the two buildings to the Sky Deck level, you can view the city from all sides. To the north is New Dubai, while to the south is Old Dubai. You may get intimate knowledge of the city’s growth and development by utilising augmented reality and triggered screens. Learn more about the city’s skyscrapers and monuments, as well as its different aspects, such as its architecture, economy, and infrastructure, in a three-dimensional setting.

Dubai’s future

Stop by the “Future Dubai Gallery” to conclude your adventure as you leave the mezzanine level and make your way down the Vortex tunnel. The tunnel transports you into the future of the city, giving you a futuristic image of what Dubai will look like in 2050 with audio-visual exhibitions and interactive displays. Stunning visual and acoustic elements will increase how much you like this futuristic portrayal.

Cross the glass bridge by foot.

The approximately 75-second elevator ride to the skywalk gives passengers the chance to take in the unfolding of the magnificent city views through its glass panels. The most breathtaking and picturesque views of the city are available to visitors from this cutting-edge glass bridge, which is 150 metres above the ground. You can either look down through the glass floor to get a rush from realising how high off the ground you are or stroll along the glass bridge to take some amazing pictures of the city.

Picture yourself

You can take some amusing selfies with views of this contemporary city and its admirable architectural layout in the background in addition to taking pictures of the breathtaking panoramic views. Take some amazing photos of yourself for social media or simply to preserve the memory. Take pictures of the expansive city of Dubai from the Dubai Frame or just outside with the largest picture frame in the world as the backdrop. If you want to go to Dubai Frame and take photos, get Dubai Frame tickets first.

Consume delectable food

Breakfast with a breathtaking view is the perfect way to start the day. At the top of Dubai Frame, you can now reserve a breakfast session between 6 and 8 AM, where you can savour delectable pastries and freshly made coffee. Depending on your interests, you may also choose from adjacent restaurants like Saleem’s of Delhi, Yamonote Uptown Mirdiff, Pind Da Dhaba, Zou Zou Restaurant, Zam Zam Mandi Restaurant, and Zou Zou Restaurant. With so many selections, there is certain to be something for everyone.

Tickets can be reserved in order to fully take in the Dubai Frame’s enduring beauty. Prices for adults and kids to see the Dubai Frame You are also granted free entry to Zabeel Park, where you may take in the surrounding beauty, with the Dubai Frame ticket. However, admission to Dubai Frame is free for two motivated individuals and children under the age of 3. Find out the Dubai Frame ticket prices and Dubai Frame opening hours before starting your trip.

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