Experiences Dreamy Dhow Cruise in Dubai & Beyond

Dhow Cruise in Dubai

Dubai does not have to be explored solely via road and sand dunes. The canals, both natural and man-made, provide an interesting route for cruising the city’s waterways. A Dubai Dhow cruise creek tour experience is increasingly becoming a must-do for all tourists, allowing you to take in the city’s fascinating skyline while being treated to a memorable dining experience.

Experiences Dreamy Dhow Cruise in Dubai & Beyond

What exactly is a “dhow”?

A “dhow” is an important part of Arab culture, dating back to before the city became a commercial and tourist destination. A “dhow” is a traditional Arabic boat made of wooden planks that is used for trading, fishing, and diving for pearls. With trading and other marine activities now taking place on larger boats and ships, these dhows are no longer useful and have been converted into floating restaurants. Restaurants that showcase the city’s hospitality with stunning views of the skyline, international buffet dinners, and enchanting local entertainment.

 Choosing a Dubai Dhow Cruise

Until recently, Dubai Dhow Cruise Creek was the only place in Dubai where you could take a dhow cruise and see “Old Dubai,” smaller abra boats, and local souqs. It is along this natural harbour, which borders Bur Dubai and Deira that Dubai’s history began, with trading routes developing prior to the discovery of oil. A Dhow cruise on Dubai Creek provides a glimpse of Dubai’s expansion and gives tourists the impression that they have stepped back in time.

There’s also the option of cruising around some of Dubai’s modern neighbourhoods. You can now sail past Downtown Dubai and the Dubai Canal as part of an extension to Dubai Creek. The water is occasionally paused as Dhow boats pass by, punctuated by an illuminated man-made waterfall from Sheikh Zayed Bridge in Al Habtoor City (home to the stage show La Perle).

Another modern Dubai cruising option is Dubai Marina. This neighbourhood is dotted with soaring buildings, cafes, and walkway promenades that run alongside the man-made water canal. The Dhow Cruise at Dubai Marina provides views of the Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah Island, and modern Dubai’s skyscrapers. Dubai’s newest iconic project, Ain Dubai, the world’s largest observation wheel, is also visible. When to take your Dhow cruise you have the option of taking a day or evening cruise. During the day, dhow cruises serve as sightseeing tours, but as the sun sets over the horizon, the emphasis shifts to luxury dinners and entertainment. Evening dhow cruises pamper guests with a hearty buffet service, traditional hot drinks, live music, and cultural shows.

What to Expect on a Dhow Cruise in Dubai

A Dhow cruise is more than just a boat ride through Dubai’s canals. Viewing the city from a different perspective is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. Nothing beats a traditional dhow with its large deck windows and open-air upper decks for unparalleled views of the city as a sightseeing tourist. Here’s what to expect:

Fantastic views

Dubai Creek, also known as the “heart of the old city,” will make you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. It is a perfectly preserved snapshot of Dubai’s incredible contrast between the old, traditional heritage houses, wind towers, and minarets and the new, modern development and tall high-rises. As you sail along the natural waterway from Dubai Creek, you can see the lights of Old Dubai.

The cruise from Dubai Marina, on the other hand, offers a unique yet equally enchanting view of the city’s ever-changing landscape. It’s a journey through modern Dubai, taking you through contemporary architectural marvels, some of Dubai’s iconic buildings that make up the modern skyline, and the buzzing atmosphere of city dwellers. In the evening, the promenade on either side of the waterway is bustling with couples and young families, cafes, and illuminated date palm trees. English commentary is available on some dhow cruises to help you learn more about the city.

Delicious Buffet

Food is an important part of experiencing a city’s culture, and the dhow cruises do not disappoint in terms of the food they serve their guests. Almost all dhow cruises include a hearty international buffet as well as unlimited soft drinks, tea, coffee, and water. The buffet also includes traditional local delicacies and is vegetarian-friendly. Try the local Arabian coffee, “Kahweh,” which is usually served to guests in the Bedouin tradition.

A few of the licenced dhow cruises also serve alcoholic beverages on the deck for an additional fee (though this can often explain the price differential between dinner cruise packages if they are offering this all-inclusive).

On-board entertainment

While almost all Dhow cruises play live music in the background as you cruise through the city’s canals, many of them also have a few talented performers on board. Performances such as beautiful female belly dancers demonstrating traditional Middle Eastern moves, or the folkloric dance Tannura, performed by men dressed creatively. All Dhow cruises include separate toilets for men and women on board.

If you want to see Dubai’s growing architectural landscape, take the Dubai Marina Cruise. Whatever the location, the ones with a lavish dinner buffet, plenty of on board entertainment, and unlimited drinks are always the most memorable. If you want to go on a dhow cruise, learn about the dhow cruise creek packages and dhow cruise creek prices.

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