Experience shark diving at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

diving at Dubai Aquarium

Immerse yourself in a fun-filled session of admiring the beauty of countless fish and the giant shark, and be overwhelmed by 33,000 different animals at one time. Witness the event in which you are permitted to enter the shark feeding arena and observe the feeding of the shark babies. Seeing creations that play in front of you with great innocence can put you in a good mood.The Shark diving in Dubai Aquarium offers an experience that includes a shark walker process where you will see aquatic creatures ranging from tiny fishes to large sharks play in front of you, and you are sure to be delighted upon grasping the limitless beauty of aquatic animals. Here are some experience from shark diving at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

Experience shark diving at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo


At Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, you can get up close and personal with sharks and other marine life through a shark cage experience. Put on a wetsuit and a breathing mask before entering a transparent cage with an instructor-guide and descending into a massive tank. Then, marvel as tropical fish, manta rays, and sharks swim just inches away from your face. Capture your cage time on film if you want (additional cost).There is no need for diving or swimming experience, and the helmet ensures that you breathe safely and normally.

Your experience includes a ticket to the Underwater Zoo. Experience shark cage diving at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. With an instructor-guide, descend into an aquarium inside a safe underwater cage. View sharks, manta rays, and exotic fish up close as they swim. As manta rays and exotic fish swim around you breathe naturally through a cutting-edge helmet. You can choose to have your cage experience filmed with a GoPro camera (additional cost) Select from a variety of start times throughout the day.

Highlights of shark diving at the Dubai Aquarium

• Dive to a depth of 4 metres with a helmet to see the world’s largest collection of Tiger Sand Sharks.
• Cage your way into the shark tank and observe the aquatic world from a unique vantage point.
• Without the need for any professional certification, experience the thrill of swimming with sharks.
• Admire the unrivalled beauty and allure of giant and tiny sharks, as well as colourful fish.

What Should You Expect?

Make your own way to Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo and meet your instructor-guide behind the scenes. Listen to a safety briefing and practise some hand signals so you can communicate with your instructor, who will be in the cage with you the entire time. If you want, you can have your experience filmed on your instructor’s GoPro camera and then purchase the video (at an additional cost) as a souvenir. Then, put on the provided wetsuit and enter the enclosed, see-through cage with your instructor beside you. Put on the cutting-edge helmet that allows you to breathe easily underwater, and then feel the rush as your cage is gradually lowered into the aquarium, to a depth of approximately 13 feet.

As you descend, look through the viewing panel on your helmet to see all of the aquarium’s wonders. Because the panel is magnified, everything appears larger and closer than it is. View massive manta rays gliding past the bars and shoals of multicoloured fish wafting by inches from your nose. Sharks will loom up from the depths and circle your cage, providing you with incredible up-close views of these magnificent creatures. After approximately 25 minutes in the water, return to the surface in your cage and step back onto dry land. After you’ve changed back into your regular clothes, get a ticket to the Underwater Zoo and go exploring. Spend as much time as you want admiring the various aquatic and land creatures, including a massive crocodile. When you leave the zoo, your experience comes to an end.

Concerning the activities:

• Prepare yourself for a breath taking and thrilling experience of a lifetime.
• Take advantage of the opportunity to see the large shark as well as their adorable offspring, who are being fed with great care and love by the shark keepers.
• You should arrive 45 minutes before your dive time so that the instructor can give you a safety briefing.• You will be surrounded by calm and silence as you observe more than 33,000 aquatic animals.
• When you sign up for the shark walker Dubai activity, you will have the opportunity to partake in an amazing underwater walking experience during which you will be surrounded by huge schools of fish on all sides.• Before entering the shark tank, learn the signs, how to breathe, and the do’s and don’ts of the aquatic world.
• Put on your helmet and other safety equipment and dive into the underwater world.
• When you book the shark diving Dubai activity, you will experience an enthralling underwater walking session in which you will wander and be amazed as large groups of fish surround you from all sides.
• Witness the unrivalled beauty and charm of giant and tiny sharks, as well as colourful fish, all at the same time.

Getting ready for the shark dive

Whether you are a certified diver or not affects the shark dive requirements. Non-certified divers, including those who cannot swim, can participate after finishing a brief course with Al Boom Diving. Certified divers only need to present their licence. Your diving experience will be guided by PADI instructors, who will point out various noteworthy aquarium features to you.

Before making a reservation for your shark diving experience, keep the following in mind: They will provide you with all of the necessary safety and sanitation equipment.This is to safeguard the ecosystem of the aquarium. This is done to safeguard the ecosystem of the aquarium and prevent hygienic contamination from unclean tools or gear. For this diving experience, you may bring your own swimsuit, though swimsuits are also available for an additional fee. Depending on the package selected, entry requirements for a minimum height and age apply.

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