Dubai Visa on Arrival: All the Information You Need to know

To enter Dubai, you must have an entry permit or visa. For foreigners wishing to study, work, or conduct business in the UAE, various types of visas are available.

There are many different types of visas to apply for to stay in Dubai, but a Dubai visa on arrival is the easiest.

Dubai Visa on Arrival, as the name suggests, is a service the UAE government provides in which visitors obtain their visa after arriving in Dubai.

Visa on arrival is different; to use this service, you must have a valid passport and will receive the visa when you arrive in Dubai.

Aside from that, if you want to visit a foreign country, you must fill out a lot of paperwork and apply for a visa based on your purpose for visiting. You cannot travel from one country to another without an entry permit/visa.

Dubai Visa on Arrival

The Dubai visa on arrival includes the following benefits:

After you disembark from your Dubai flight, UAE immigration issues you with a Dubai visa.

You must complete the necessary biometric procedures to obtain a Dubai visa on arrival.

The UAE immigration department’s Dubai visa on arrival is technologically advanced and easily updated in the Amer and ICA systems.

You must have a passport from one of the countries listed below to obtain a Dubai visa on arrival.

What are the Visa-On-Arrival Categories in Dubai?

60-Day Visa Upon Arrival

This visa is free, has a three-month validity period, and allows for multiple entries. It is available to citizens of any of the 48 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Greece, France, and others. However, this 60-day on-arrival visa in Dubai is non-extendable and does not include a grace period.

On-Arrival Visa for 30 Days

This visa is free and only valid for one entry. A passport holder from any of the following countries is eligible for a 30-day on-arrival visa: Andorra, Australia, the Republic of Ireland, Brunei, Canada, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mauritius, Monaco, New Zealand, San Marino, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, the United States of America, or Vatican City.

Yes, you can extend your stay in Dubai for an additional 30 days for a fee of around 1000 AED.

14-Day Visa on Arrival in Dubai

This visa is valid for one entry and costs AED 120. Yes, you can extend your stay in Dubai for an additional 14 days for a fee of 250 AED.

If an Indian passport holder has a valid residence visa with a minimum validity of six months issued by the UK or EU countries, or a green card or visitor visa issued by the USA, he is eligible for a 14-day Dubai on-arrival visa.

On-arrival Visa for 180 Days in Dubai

If you have a Mexican passport, you can get this on-arrival visa in Dubai with multiple entries and a validity period of six months from the date of issue. Although this visa is free, it cannot be extended.

The Dubai immigration department handles the on-arrival visa process offline. If you meet the requirements for a Dubai on-arrival visa, you will receive one after disembarking from your flight.

When you arrive at Dubai International Airport, you can obtain this visa from the immigration department. If you complete the biometric procedure, the officers will update your visa in the AMER and ICA systems.

What are the requirements for obtaining a Dubai visa upon arrival?

• You are a citizen of one of the eligible countries or hold a passport from one of them.
• You must have all certificate attestation
• You have a six-month passport valid for travel.
• You must have a round-trip ticket.

What is the Procedure for Obtaining an On-Arrival Visa in Dubai?

After your flight has landed, proceed to the immigration counter and complete the biometric procedures. The appointed person will then stamp your passport with a visa and update the ICA and AMER systems. After that, you can collect your belongings and begin your stay in Dubai.

Is it necessary to obtain a new Dubai On-Arrival Visa each time I enter and exit the country?

Only 30-day on-arrival visa holders are eligible to exit and re-enter the country with a new free visa. Unfortunately, if you have another on-arrival visa, you will be unable to use the service to exit and re-enter Dubai with a free visa. However, if you have been away from Dubai for six months or more, you can apply for a new free on-arrival visa. For more information contact visa attestation service agencies.

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