Day trip to Dubai: Lost Chambers and Atlantis’ Aquaventure water park

Aquaventure water park

Aquaventure Waterpark, the biggest waterpark in Dubai and the Middle East, is a haven for thrill-seekers and is famous for its renowned adrenaline-inducing thrills. Famous for its wide selection of iconic attractions, marine activities, private beaches, conventionally constructed waterslides, and kids’ play area, this amazing water park is also known for its private beaches. Join the adventure at Dubai’s most well-known water park, which offers special combinations of excitement, adventure, & fun. Plan your day so that you can spend the entire day on rides and with more than 65,000 aquatic animals at the Lost Chambers Aquarium, the only aquarium with an underwater sea life in Dubai, and yet reach both sites. Get the chance to wander aimlessly in the wilderness of Aqua Fun Water Park Dubai with the Lost Chamber Aquarium and frame this vacation with many memorable experiences. Take a day trip to Dubai to see the Lost Chambers and Atlantis’ Aquaventure water park and enjoy it with the family.

Day trip to Dubai: Lost Chambers and Atlantis’ Aquaventure water park¬†

An Overview of Atlantis’ Aquaventure water park and the Lost Chambers

You can plunge immediately into the action at Dubai’s Aquaventure Waterpark with an entrance-only, all-day ticket. The Aquaventure Dubai, a part of the Atlantis the Palm resort, offers thrilling water rides and family-friendly excursions. Enjoy the attractions as you please: ride through shark tunnels, down corkscrew chutes, see children at the brand-new Splasher’s Island area, and relax on lazy rivers. Then take advantage of free entry to The Lost Chambers, an aquarium with an Atlantis theme that features 65,000 aquatic animals in 21 displays. By purchasing an all-day admission pass, you can see why Trip Advisor named Aquaventure Waterpark and The Lost Chambers Aquarium the “Best Waterparks in the Middle East in 2015”. Let the youngsters run wild at Splasher’s Island and ride down the extremely steep Poseidon’s Revenge.


You must present your ticket at the Aquaventure Waterpark entrance by travelling independently to the Atlantis the Palm in Jumeirah. Enter and take your time exploring the thrilling thrills of this Dubai waterpark for however long you choose, right up until it closes. There are many different activities to enjoy at the Dubai Atlantis waterpark. After that, head straight for the tunnels of the Tower of Neptune. From a height of 90 feet on the nerve-wracking Leap of Faith, then experience adrenaline as you scale the Tower of Poseidon’s chutes. A Serpentine Aquaconda, a Zoomerango, and a multi-track Slitherine Don’t miss Poseidon’s Revenge if you’re still looking for thrills. On this ride, a trapdoor opens beneath your feet, sending you falling 75 feet before shooting you into a double loop. Explore the other featured water rides, take a leisurely river ride, and let the kids run wild on Splasher’s Island, which has seven new waterslides, including body slides and tube rides. The new dhow-shaped dry play structure is also located on Splasher’s Island. Refill at one of the restaurants when you need a break (own expense) or unwind on the sandy shore. If you want a little more opulence while lounging on the beach, consider spending the money to rent a VIP beach cabana. When you leave the park, your trip is over. Upgrade to Aquaventure and the Aquarium: Include the Lost Chambers Aquarium in your day’s entertainment by purchasing a same-day entrance ticket to use before or after Aquaventure. The breathtaking Lost Chambers, which is a part of the Atlantis the Palm, is home to over 65,000 marine animals and has enormous underwater tanks and tunnels decorated to resemble the legendary lost city of Atlantis. Observe everything from rainbow-colored fish to sharks, rays, baby alligators, seahorses, and more as you explore the chambers and passageways. In addition, take part in a behind-the-scenes tour as you talk to a marine guide about sea life and uncover remarkable facts about the creatures in The Ambassador Lagoon.

What you must go to place

If you have extra time to spare, visit some of these adorable locations near The Lost Chambers Aquarium:

1) Initially, Atlantis Dive Center

Discover the beauty of the deep ocean thanks to the Atlantis Dive Center. This facility claims to be PADI accredited and to include top-notch saltwater pools, diving gear, boat rentals, and classrooms. If you are skilled at scuba diving, you should strive for the Atlantis Aquarium Dive.

2) Aquaventure Waterpark

This enormously sprawling Aquaventure Waterpark has over 17 entertaining water zones with rides and slides. Reserve a visit to Aquaventure Waterpark.

3) Dolphin Bay

Regardless of where you are on earth, there is no more technologically advanced dolphin environment than that which can be found there. You might simply talk to them and dance with them instead of learning more about them. You can attempt to swim with them if you know how to swim. It’s a great way to unwind from all the problems in your daily life while interacting with these lovely water creatures.

4) Point about Sea Lions

Have you ever considered how endearing it would be to hold a sea lion? If not, this is the time to pay special attention to it. You may readily fill your mind with information about these animals’ distinctive behaviours at Sea Lion Point. After you’ve had your fill of this, don’t forget to participate in Sea Lion Photo Fun. You can return home with some fantastic recollections.

5) ShuiQi Spa

The superb services offered by ShuiQi Spa are renowned for providing incomparable relaxation. Through Hath Yoga Classes at The Lost Chambers Aquarium, you can increase the strength, stability, and general flexibility of your body. You can also visit a variety of other spas in Dubai.

6) Dubai Pools and Beaches

There are many beaches in Dubai for beach lovers and strollers. For the entire family, Royal Beach, Royal Pool, Aquaventure Beach, and Zero Entry Pool provide endless amusement.

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