How to change a child’s visa sponsor in the UAE from the father to the mother

In certain circumstances, you might need to change the visa sponsorship for your child from the father to the mother. This may be necessary due to family emergencies that require the Father to leave the country, due to the main sponsor losing their job, or due to a death.

The immigration department in the UAE Opens in a new tab. requires that the child’s sponsor always be the father. If the mother works in the UAE, it will be necessary for the wife (mother) to sponsor the visa if the husband (Father) lost his job and had his visa canceled.


How to change a childs-visa-sponsor from the father’s sponsorship to the mother’s sponsorship:

The process is very easy to follow:

  • Father (husband) must revoke his current work visa and leave the country. Also, keep in mind that your Emirates ID will be canceled.
  • Approach a typing center that is approved with all the necessary documentation. Tell them if the child is inside or outside of the nation.
  • Once the new Entry permit has been typed up, go to the immigration office and present your application.
  • The application will be accepted by the officer.
  • If the child is already in the UAE when you receive the entry permit, you must go back to the typing center and fill out the form to have the status changed.
  • You must get an Emirates ID typed and an Emirates ID canceled form.
  • Approach the immigration office to get the visa stamped after that.
  • Children under the age of 18 do not need medical.


  • Form for canceling a visa.
  • Original passports for both the sponsor and the child.
  • copies of the sponsor’s and child’s passports.
  • 1 photo of the child the size of a passport.
  • Arabic original and one copy of a marriage certificate attested.
  • birth certificate attestation in UAE in Arabic or a translated and attested copy.
  • Ejari (Rental Contract), signed in the Sponsor’s name.
  • Form for Emirates ID. Get this typed at approved locations.
  • Sponsor’s attested labor contract. The Ministry of Labour will attest to the employment agreement for a fee of AED 160.
  • Transferring a visa has an initial cost of AED 920, which includes typing. The cost of changing your status is AED 700. The standard Emirates ID and Visa stamping fees will be charged.
  • According to an employment contract, the Mother must have a valid work visa and receive a minimum salary of Dh 3500 plus company housing, for a total of Dh 4000.
  • Marriage certificate attestation by the UAE embassy in the home country and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE, Birth Certificate of child attested by UAE Embassy in the home country, and MOFA.
  • Tenancy Contract (accommodation rental agreement). It has to be attested through the attestation services agencies’ Original Passports of the f child and the mother’s Passport Copy of the father’s.

You might need to switch the sponsorship of your child’s visa from the father to the mother in certain situations. This may be necessary due to personal crises requiring the Father to leave the country, such as a job loss or death. However, if the wife (mother), who is employed in Dubai, UAE, has lost her job and had her visa revoked, it will be necessary for her to sponsor the child’s visa. If you have all the necessary paperwork prepared, you can complete the process by going to the attestation service agencies.

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