Aqua venture Waterpark is a paradise for water lovers in Dubai

Aqua venture Waterpark

In recent years, Aqua venture Dubai has grown to become one of the most well-known water parks in the world, as well as the largest water park in Dubai. The Aqua venture waterpark is a complete product on its own. It takes pride in having more than 20 water slides, several of which are among the world’s longest and most difficult, as well as a range of other entertaining water rides.

The largest waterpark in Dubai, Aquaventure, offers a variety of attractions, slides, and pools. It is situated alongside Atlantis, The Palm Resort on the gorgeous island of Palm Jumeirah. The park is accessible as a day trip from Dubai, and spending time in the waterpark is a wonderful experience. The lake, “adventure,” and “aqua” are all combined, which runs counter to the idea of the book. There are some of the most thrilling and exciting excursions you could possibly imagine there. Contact one of the best tour and travel agencies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, if you want to enjoy the  Atlantis Aquaventure water park ticket.


Poseidon Tower and Neptune Tower are the two primary towers that the adventure waterpark starts with. The towers are at least 1.2 metres tall and will allow guests inside. The sea’s ruler in Greek mythology is Poseidon. Some fantastic rides may be found in the Tower of Poseidon.


The biggest water slide in the country is exactly what this is. The Aquaconda drags its passengers into a gloomy tunnel that snakes its way through the water like a massive serpent. The largest fibreglass tube in the world is where they are then abruptly dropped.

Poseidon’s Retaliation

It’s not recommended for those with weak wills. Riders must enter and wait for a capsule. They fall at about 60 kilometres per hour when the floor suddenly slides from underneath!


Here is the first genuine “waterslide inside a water slide.”. Riders can compete in races to determine who can navigate its complex twists and turns the earliest. The Aquaconda’s belly could be reached by taking one wrong move, so they must be cautious!


This type of tobogganing is unusual. There are towering dips and sharp descents, which together give the impression of weightlessness. For those who decide to defy gravity itself, the Zoomerango is the ideal journey. The Tower of Neptune features these exhilarating thrills.

Jaws of a Shark

Visitors seldom forget the experience of gliding down an inner tunnel and entering Neptune’s Tower. Within a short period of time, they are in a shark-filled lagoon under the sea!

Leaping into Faith

True to its name, this trek, which rises nine stories above, calls for a considerable degree of bravery. Fast-moving cownose rays and sharks can be seen swimming all around this acrylic tube. It involves an almost vertical plunge followed by a rapid descent.

water skiers

Riders are propelled up, down, and then through a maze of dark tunnels on this exhilarating tour using water jets. The journey’s end is marked by a tranquil river.


While waiting, youngsters can head up to Splashers if they don’t measure up to the 1.2-meter standard for the Poseidon and Neptune Towers. The pools, fountains, and miniature waterslides here are suitable for young children.

Other activities

At the Aquaventure Waterpark, a variety of kiosks sell everything from games to beachwear, supplies for the beach, and souvenirs, among other things. The kiosks also sell sorbets, ice cream, popcorn, fresh fruit, smoothies, and ice cream. Sandwiches, hot dogs, and shawarma are available at Waves or Splashers, and shakes and cold drinks are available at Lagoons. Cakes, tea, coffee, pastries, and frozen goods are all readily available at Snappers. For both indoor and outdoor seating, Shark Bites offers traditional Arabic meals as well as fast food options.

Barracudas offers a variety of dining options, such as TBJ for burgers, Shawafel for shawarma, The Dosa Factory for dosa and tandoori, Asia Republic Express for Chinese, Peetza for pizzas, and Rooster 66 for fried chicken.

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