8 Errors to Avoid When Applying for an Emirates Visa

For entrepreneurs, job seekers, and other ambitious individuals, the UAE has long been a dream destination. For the visa, expatriates must submit applications in the prescribed format, along with the necessary documents. With such a strict perusal process in place, even minor mistakes can result in the visa application being rejected.

8 Errors to Avoid When Applying for an Emirates Visa

8 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for an Emirates Visa

Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for UAE Visas without Attestation

Only attested documents are accepted by UAE authorities. Because the visa processing authorities cannot confirm the authenticity of an unattested certificate or document, it is considered invalid. As a result, the visa application is rejected. Ensure that all accompanying documents are attested by competent authorities in both the home country and the UAE.

Documents with False Attestation

The main reason for fake attestation is a lack of time or the assignment of the attestation to an untrustworthy agency. To avoid making this costly error, confirm that the attestation service in UAE is legitimate. The authorities are very strict in the case of fake attestation; the individual who submits a document with fake attestation may be blacklisted. You can contact us for expedited attestation services at a reasonable cost.

The record shows that the applicant has a Resident Visa.

It’s possible that expats who have been employed in the UAE won’t be able to revoke their prior permits. This would be confusing to the authority while they were reviewing the application. Before applying for a new visa, the applicant must cancel the previous resident visa.

Incorrect Application

Mistakes, anomalies, and discrepancies in the application can lead to visa rejection. Before clicking the submit button, you should double-check the application, the personal information you entered, and the other information you provided. Avoiding errors in the first place is always preferable to regretting them later or hurrying to submit a revised application.

Photos with Poor Clarity

The photos you upload should be clear enough for authorities to compare to other certificate attestation. This is a common blunder when applying for a visa to the UAE. Applicants may be in a rush to complete the application process and may overlook the scanned images to speed up the scanning process, some people may select a low resolution. If you wish to obtain a visa without encountering any issues, stay away from such blunders. Blurred photos on an application will result in rejection.

The previous visitor obtained a tourist visa but did not enter the country

In this case, you must contact your travel agent to resolve the ambiguity at the visa office. In this case, the PRO or an agent from the agency can help. The application of a person who has a tourist visa but does not enter the country will be automatically rejected.

Passports with Handwriting

Digitization has permeated every industry. Additionally, digital entries must replace handwritten information in passports. You must upgrade your passport if it was written by hand. Otherwise, the authorities might deny your visa application. Although most of you have the most recent passports, those who have older versions should replace them with digitized versions.

Neglecting Checklist

People can become overconfident and disregard the checklist. Before applying for a visa, the list of documents to be submitted, guidelines on do’s and don’ts, the correct way to fill out the UAE visa application, and so on must be considered. Remember that applying without thoroughly inspecting the data filled out could be a big mistake. Rejection of a visa application may have repercussions on future applications.

Why is Attestation Required for Visa Applications?

Except for the document attestation section, all other errors can be corrected by the individual. You will require the assistance of reputable visa attestation services in the UAE to complete the formality without delay or complications. Remember that a visa application with unattested documents will be denied outright.

The attestation confirms that the certificates submitted are genuine and have been issued by the appropriate authority. This is essential for the UAE authorities to confirm that the ex-pat has the necessary qualifications for the job, business, higher education, or any other requirement for which he or she is coming to the country.

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