10 Russian National Parks Where You Can Enjoy Wildlife And The Natural World

Russian National Parks

Russia’s national parks are renowned for enticing large numbers of local and foreign visitors. Russia is home to a total of 49 national parks. Some of them inhabit a distant region of the nation, making it challenging for individuals to access and enjoy the wild habitat therein.

10 Russian National Parks Where You Can Enjoy Wildlife And The Natural World

1.Elk Island

Elk Island was the first national park in Russia and one of the country’s most popular national parks. The company was started in 1983. The park is situated to the north of the capital city, and the surrounding countryside has a serene atmosphere, so you may enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable vacation here. If you are a genuine nature lover, you may explore the natural splendour of this park while riding a bicycle or strolling. The gateway to this park is located near the Belokamennaya station, and there isn’t an admission cost.

2. Pleshcheyevo Lake

The lovely Pleshchetsevo Lake National Park is situated in the Yaroslavl Region, 120 kilometres northeast of Moscow. This location is on the golden rule tourism trail, and it will give you a sense of traditional Russia. The gorgeous scenery of the Sunset is adored by visitors, and it’s sure to fill your thoughts with serenity and tranquilly.

3. Sochi National Park

Sochi is regarded as one of Russia’s most renowned national parks, and this park was also established in 1983. This park lies 2,000 kilometres south of Moscow. Since 2007, it is pretty remarkable to note that Caucasian leopards have indeed been reintroduced to this park. This park’s surroundings are extremely nice and appealing.

4. Land of the Leopard

If you like to observe leopards, Vladivostok is unquestionably the greatest spot to go. This location is 8,400 km away from either the east or west of Moscow, and there you’ll be capable of seeing leopards. This region extends from Amur Bay, often referred to as the Sea of Japan, towards the Russian border.

5. Shorsky National Park

This park is located along the Mrassu River and is among the most significant national parks in Russia. This park provides access to the towering Altai Mountains, the lush Taiga forest, the snow-covered slopes of Western Sayany, and a spectacular waterfall vista. The lake’s crystal-clear liquid will undoubtedly revive your spirits.

6. Zabyikalsky National Park

If you intend to put together a list of national parks in Russia, you must include Zabaykalsky National Park. This park provides a secure haven for several Siberian wildlife species, including brown bears, feathered foxes, etc. The well-known Lake Baikal is located in a deep forest. This location is 5000 kilometres away from Moscow; thus, tourists must first fly to Ulan-Ude.

7. Kenozersky National Park

The stunning splendour of Kenozersky National Park would truly amaze you, as this park is regarded as one of the greatest among the new national parks in Russia. The park is 500 kilometres from Moscow and is renowned for its lush Taiga forest and expansive marshes. 2004 saw the addition of such a park to the UNESCO Nature Reserve.

8. Curonian Spit

This is probably the tiniest national park in Russia, yet it offers the most iconic vista of Europe’s tallest sand dunes. If you travel to this park via cruise ship, you can remain here for just 3 days without the need for a Russian visa. The greatest highlights in this location are the outcrops, Baltic coastlines, and pine woods.

9. Samarskaya Luka

When you explore Samarskaya Luka, visitors will indeed be captivated by the panorama of the Volga River and the Zhiguli Hills. The much more appealing feature of this park is Visly Kamen, a massive overhanging rock. This rock protrudes 80 metres just above the water’s surface. The cost of entry is 50 rubles.

10. Valdai

The national park was founded primarily to conserve the lake-forest combination of the Valdai Hills. This park is located in the northern portion of the Valdai Upland and extends from north to south for 105 kilometers. This park’s tranquil ambience is mostly responsible for attracting visitors.

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